Rates & Terms


Every job is different and we also know that “call us for a quote” is unhelpful. Therefore at DroneTrex we are priced competitively.  Below are our Rates & Terms that will help you make an informed decision. 


Dependent on the services you require, we will take as many photos as possible whilst on-site. If you have requested aerial photos, we will edit the photos using professional editing software to ensure you get the best quality. 


N.B Please note that one day flying will take 3 days to arrange and plan. The planning may take longer if specific flight permissions are required and the complexity of the flight is high such as in a highly congested area. To avoid disappointment of missing a preferred date, book early and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note that at times the weather may not be on our side causing the flight to be postponed. If this is the case there will be no extra charges.

All prices are based project-by-project.*

(Expenses not included)


Aerial Photography (one day):

  • Detailed Analysis of the airspace at the flight location;
  • Pre-site & On-site assessment;
  • Full safety briefing;
  • Detailed flight plan of the subject;
  • Up to 20 aerial photographs.

(Estimated 3 days for arranging & planning)

£400.00p + Expenses


 Aerial Videography (one day):

  • Detailed analysis of the airspace at the flight location;
  • Pre-site & on-site assessment;
  • Full safety briefing;
  • Detailed flight plan of the subject;
  • Up to 10 minutes video. (Additional video footage will be charged at £15 per 10 minutes of footage)

(Estimated 3 days for arranging &  planning)

£550.00p + Expenses


  • Prices shown above is based on a simple, rural flight with very little complexities. If the flight was in a congested area (Refer to CAA definitions of Congested Area) or in a more complex area that would require more planning, an additional 1 days planning will be required charged at £100. 


CAA definition of a Congested Area:

 The definition states that a ‘Congested Area’ means any area in relation to a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes. Operations of SUA within congested areas may be permitted in specific circumstances as described in remainder of this Information Notice.


 More information can be found at CAA Public CAPS Information Notice



When booking you will be required to pay a 50% deposit of the total fee. A full refund including deposit will be issued if you cancel the project with more than 48 hours notice of the flight. Projects that are cancelled within 48 hours will not be entitled to a deposit refund. Any cancelled projects Dronetrex will have the right to retain all planning, permissions and any further work that had been carried out. The final balance will be due for payment 48 hours after the flight has been carried out.


Milage: The first 20 miles is free, after will be charged at £0.40p per mile.

Any hotel accommodation will need to be covered by the client and paid for in advance.