About Us 


DroneTrex Aerial & Consultancy is owned and run by Dave Cooke. An experienced private pilot flying single engined aeroplane and now specialising in the UAV industry. Dave has a passion to aim for the final results. He achieves this by working closely with you and understanding your needs to achieve the result you want!

Our Pilots have been trained by CAA Approved NQE’s 

Our Pilot’s have got skills, knowledge and experience to get the shots you need every time. We will work with you to obtain the required flight permissions. We will advise on operational considerations and assist you with logistical preparation needed to shoot in more complex locations. 

about Dave Cooke Flying his Drone on a beach, DroneTrex Aerial & Consulatncy Photo

Here at DroneTrex:

  • CAA Approved Qualified Pilots
  • Full Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million
  • PfCO Holder
  • Safe & Reliable Approach
  • Experienced In The World of Aviation
  • Stunning 4K & HD Video
  • High Resolution Aerial Photography
  • Experienced Film Editors
  • From a meter to 122 metre shoots
  • Affordable & Competitive Prices
  • Expert Consultancy Services To Help You
  • Great Customer Approach